Only Dynamics are permanent

The advertising agency Creamedia in Kokkola, Finland, knows its business and has mastered its marketing communication skills – thanks to its experience covering over 20 years. The long-lasting and successful co-operation with Ahola is a great example of this excellence.

Ahola’s dynamic presence in the market was further strengthened, when the company’s website was completely renewed. The online concept and Ahola’s altogether modern way of defining logistics received a whole new web-look. Last year, Creamedia’s creative team and Ahola’s expert leadership, started a close workshop co-operation. By the end of the year, as a result of this, the new web pages where published. They now serve the users in five languages.

The goal of the project was to create a website which enables an interactive way to do customer relations marketing. The information supply is modified according to clients’ needs. The website’s structures are analytically based on the question: what do our various clients want? Naturally, the pages can be used to order logistics services in a convenient way. At the same time, the website functions as a primary source of information for a reader who is yet not familiar with Ahola. Even though the emphasis is on the clients and client relationships, other stakeholders are covered as well. Information to our investors is an important part. Creamedia is well familiar with Ahola, and they understand the business. Further development of the website is easy; an open and interactive process is used to utilize the expertise of both parties. The same method, based on dialogue, is shown in other Ahola’s marketing communication efforts; the dynamic profile of the company has many genuinely proud shapers.

The creative team of Creamedia: Web designer Sanna Luoto, AD Mats Aurén and copywriter Ilkka Siukosaari.