CASE: Oy Lars Ekroos Ab

Ahola Transports co-supplier, Oy Lars Ekroos Ab, is a family company that was founded 1956, in Närpes. The business consists of transporting food, wholesale trade and road transports. Oy Lars Ekroos Ab has cooperated with Ahola transport since 2013  and in February 2016 the cooperation increased when 3 brand new Ekroos trucks, that were included in the Ahola transport fleet.

Nils Ahola and Stefan Ekroos

The cooperation between Ekroos and Ahola is a brilliant case of mutual commitment that makes the difference between a subcontractor and a co-supplier. This view is shared by the two persons representing the companies at a training session for the drivers of Ekroos. At the same time three new trucks in this concept were delivered to Ekroos in Ahola labels and colors. The CEO Stefan Ekroos, a businessman of the second generation, sums it up with one powerful word: trust. The fact that Ahola actively works side by side to obtain the trucks of Ekroos, is a strategic choice and an important part of the partnership. The Ahola online-concept, makes the cooperation with the co-suppliers possible. This is the Ahola way of taking care of the logistic – dynamically

The efficiency of the costs has its foundation in the practical efficiency and it is achieved by top equipment and customization. This is reached by coaching and a follow-up of the concept, says the Fleet Trading Manager Nils Ahola. The hard competition in the business is answered by first class vehicles that have been custom-made to fit the requirements of the customer, and also made comfortable for the drivers.

“To drive a truck is an art” says Ahola’s resource coordinator Caj Björkskog. Continuous development of technical details, current rules and environmental requirements , are considered in the online concept. This reality puts higher demands on the driver skills. By coaching and using an analytic follow-up with the vehicle system Vehco and Ahola Green wheels index, you contain a professional driving behavior. This is one of the keystones in modern and responsible logistics.