Ahola as an investment

Ahola Transport has been listed on the Aktietorget stock exchange in Stockholm since September 2015. Due to a switch of market place Ahola Transport is now listed on Nasdaq First North Finland since 30 March 2016.

Stock name: Ahola Transport
Stock short name: AHOLA A
ISIN code: FI4000127535


Ahola Transport is an established company with a stable market and turnover trend. We operate within an established industry, where the competition is fierce at times. Over the years, we have performed well in our markets, we have made a profit in the majority of our fiscal years (in operation every year since 1985), and our business concept of ‘dynamic transport and logistics services’ is constantly improving.

With a public listing Ahola Transport is of interest to more people than ever before. During this journey, we – the founding family – will continue to ensure that our core values, i.e. the principles around which our company operations are based, are upheld: customer requirements must be the starting point for the services we offer, total responsibility, openness and respect for the individual.

The listing on Nasdaq First North allows the ongoing reporting of our business operations to be followed by our new shareholders, customers, partners and other interested parties. I welcome this and feel that our transition to a public company will further benefit our business. The core values which have so far characterised our way of doing business seem to me to be just as suitable for the stock market!

Ahola Transport has been a forerunner of dynamic logistics concepts for the last 25 years. We are now looking forward to taking new steps and remaining at the forefront of logistics and logistics services where our IT development, amongst other factors, plays a central role.

As an investment, Ahola Transport should make a safe alternative, with the expectation of a stable, long-term increase in value, in line with our growth and improvement in profitability plus a relatively good yield where we promise to distribute between 20-40% of the company’s profit as dividend.


Welcome to our world of ownership!

Hans Ahola, CEO

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