Road transport

People have been transporting goods by road since the beginning of time using various methods. The Ahola Online concept is based on our promise of punctuality, efficiency and reliability - all the way to the destination.

We offer options for most needs within road transport:

  • Online

    Online - Dynamic road transports for part loads and full loads

  • Mainline

    Mainline - Tailored fixed routes for full loads

  • Thermo

    Thermo - Temperature controlled transports

  • Safety

    Safety - Security transports with high control and monitoring

  • First & Last Mile

    First & Last Mile - Alternative solutions for distribution and collection

  • Customized

    Customized - Customized transport concept tailor-made for customers

  • Cargo Center

    Cargo Center - Flexible storage and cross-docking services

  • Express

    Express - Express deliveries for all sized cargo at short notice

  • Forwarding

    Forwarding - Imports and exports and related reporting

  • Green Kilometers

    Green Kilometers - Transports with lower carbon dioxide emissions

Unbroken chain of responsibility

We have combined pick-up, main transport and distribution into one integrated process, which enables us to be in control of our reliable and punctual deliveries to our customers. Our operations are supported by our concept based IT-solutions which we develop continuously. One small team that speaks the customers’ language plan and keep track of the entire transport process, ensuring the recipient receives the delivery.

Dynamic routes to meet customer requirements

All routes are planned according to the customer’s needs. Our extensive capacity - about 500 modern vehicles optimized for the conditions in our market areas - and Online planning tools ensure that we can provide our customers with a suitable vehicle every day of the week.

Thanks to our industrial-adopted fleet we can deliver goods of every type to the destination quickly.

Goods handling minimized

Our concept of direct deliveries means a smooth process and a short lead time between booking and delivery. Instead of using terminals, we apply our direct ‘vehicle-to-vehicle under a roof’ concept so that we can deliver goods from the sender directly to the recipient. The customers’ deliveries are carefully controlled from start to finish and they receive all information from same contact.