Trust brings added growth


Trust brings added growth

In just three years, the co-operation between Ahola Transport and its subcontractor Raijarit has grown in leaps and bounds. The two trucks used in autumn 2016 have now become 12.

Ahola Transport’s subcontractors include everything from one-man operations to bigger players. One of the big ones is the quickly growing and successful Raijarit from Oulu in northern Finland.
“During recent years, our operations have grown significantly. One reason for this is our co-operation with Ahola,” says Raijarit’s Managing Director Esa Koskiniemi.
The co-operation with Ahola Transport began in 2016. At the beginning of the year, Raijarit began driving for Ahola Transport with one truck, at the end of the year they added one more. Today, 12 of Raijarit’s 40 trucks drive for Ahola Transport in Finland, Sweden and Norway.
“Ahola is a key strategic partner for us and we want to form long-term partnerships with partners that are easy to work with,” says Koskiniemi.

Openness leads to success

Despite having 40 trucks and 50 employees, Raijarit is a relatively young company. It all begin in Oulu in 1995 with a delivery van for Finland’s postal service.
“Today, we deliver pharmaceuticals, baked goods, furniture and general cargo. In addition, we install household appliances,” says Koskiniemi.
Their fleet includes everything from vans to the trucks they drive for Ahola Transport. The skilled personnel do their all to make sure the customer is happy. Koskiniemi points out that all for all the parties to win they have to, above all else, collaborate and not just provide services.
“Long-standing customer relationships are important to us. We want to take care of our customers and work together. We focus on the future by investing in our fleet of vehicles according to our needs and listening to our customers.”
The same applies to the partnership with Ahola Transport. As Ahola Transport’s subcontractor, Raijarit wishes to work openly and based on the concept of succeeding together. That is exactly what Esa Koskiniemi thinks works best between the two companies today.
“Both companies have clear roles that they live up to successfully. A reliable and major partner provides security for the future and we can be certain, for example, that payments will arrive on time and that we won’t suddenly run out of work.”

The drivers make all the difference

This is why Raijarit hopes that the co-operation with Ahola Transport will both continue and develop in the future. There is always room for improvement in daily communication, to avoid extra work, but in general things go smoothly.
Koskiniemi’s biggest concern is the lack of skilled and motivated drivers in the sector.
“But we have to be happy that we have succeeded in finding such a fantastic team for Ahola’s transports. We can be certain that the work will get done and that transports will arrive on time, the co-operation with Ahola runs smoothly and the fleet is kept shipshape. It wouldn’t be possible without skilled drivers.”

Raijarit’s Managing Director Esa Koskiniemi is happy with the success and growth that have resulted from the collaboration with Ahola Transport.